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MWestIX is offering peering access at 5 Datacenter locations within the Salt Lake Area!

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1 Gig to 400Gbps MWestIX can accommodate you!

Think Outside the Box

Need a Private connection between datacenters? We offer that too! Waves, EVPN, VXLAN


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Current Datacenters


100 Gbps Ports


MWestIX now in SLC

Take a new look at peering in the Mountain West. With MWestIX we are currently deployed in to 5 key Datacenters in the Salt Lake Valley with expansions plans in Idaho and Southern Utah filling the needs peering needs of network operators in Utah and Idaho.

Customers can connect to MWestIX at the Novva Datacenter in West Jordan, The DataBank Datacenter in Salt Lake City, The DataBank Datacenter in Bluffdale, and in the Edge Connex & Voonami Datacenters in West Valley City.


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